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Bounce Back! - Year 2

BOUNCE BACK! by Toni Noble & Helen McGrath

The focus for Year 2 will be developing student resilience by developing strategies for coping and bouncing back. The Year 2 lessons will focus on:

  • Everybody feels sad and worried sometimes, not just you
  • Change happens a lot in everyone's life
  • Moving house and or moving to a new school
  • Growing up and bouncing back
  • Losing someone or a pet you love
  • Family changes eg. new baby, family separation
  • People can bounce back like balls bounce back
  • Bad feelings and unhappy times always go away again
  • Other people can help you feel better if you talk to them
  • Bouncing back from being sick or injured
  • Unhelpful thinking makes you feel more upset
  • Nobody is perfect. Learning from mistakes and problems
  • Concentrate on the good things in an unhappy situation
  • Having a laugh helps you to feel better
  • Change happens a lot in everyone's life. It's normal.
  • Sometimes there is nothing you can do to change a situation
  • One bad thing doesn't spoil everything else.