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Parents Reflections on Starting Kindergarten

A Kindergarten parent shares her experience:

Hello and welcome to Wahroonga Public School! 

It starts off in February with the “first day at big school”, excited little faces, brand new uniforms and a big smile from the Kindergarten teachers who welcome the children with open arms. There are always some kids who run into the class each morning, and some who are a bit more hesitant and reluctant. Our son put on a brave face in those first few weeks and I could see him holding back the tears. At the end of the day though, he was always happy and had a fun time. 

The school canteen is run by Joan and Wilfred of 'Cheese & Toastie'. Orders are via the Flexischool website as well. Some over the counter purchases are possible also. Our son keeps asking for money to buy an icy treat… 

If you are dropping off or picking up your child each day around bell time, you will be able to meet many other lovely parents, exchange information or just have a chat. Most classes also communicate via a WhatsApp group that was set up by the class parents. Many parents work and pick their children up from OOSH, so the virtual group helped them stay connected also. 

Class parents communicate important information from the teacher to the class, keep the parents informed on special events (e.g. mufti day) and also organise class get-togethers each term. These can be parent-only dinners or class meet-ups in a local park or playground. 

In Kindergarten, children will bring home a Home reader folder. This folder holds a little book to read after school each day, and a sight words booklet, a set of about 100 words that keep reappearing on almost any page of text. Daily practice helps your child to recognise these words at a glance. At school, kids will be divided into literacy groups and rotate through a number of activities each day. Usually, the classroom teacher will ask for parent volunteers to help with these activities. It’s a great way to find out what your child is doing in class, meet the other children and see the teacher interact with the children. Our daughter was always very happy and proud when I helped out in class.

In term one, Kindergarten learns about farm animals and growing plants. This learning culminates in an excursion to Calmsley Hill City Farm. It’s a big day for the children as they not only get to go to the farm, they get to go by bus! 

Apart from excursions, the children participate in incursions. Once a year, the school invites children’s book authors to read and discuss their books with the children. Kindergarten children also get a visit from Healthy Harold and participate in life education lessons. 

In the first two terms, the children usually have one sports lesson each week. In addition, they learn gymnastics skills once a week in term three. For both our kids, sport is one of the favourite lessons at school. 

Each year Education Week is an opportunity to visit your child’s school and classroom and get a peek of what the children have been learning, admire art they have been creating and have your child give you a little school tour. 

To be in the know, make sure you download the School Steam App and read the weekly Bush Telegraph Newsletter! And if the conversation at school pick up goes like this:
You: How was your day?
Child: Good.
You: What fun things did you do?
Child: I can’t remember. … then you are not alone ;-)

I sincerely hope you and your child/children enjoy the first and many more years at the Bush School! 
Friederike W