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Bounce Back! - Kindergarten

CORE VALUES by Toni Noble & Helen McGrath

The focus for Kindergarten will be the core values. A value is a statement of something you believe is important to do.

These values will be part of lessons delivered to the students and will be reinforced in the order below. Parents may wish to use the same language when similar situations occur at home.  The lessons will usually begin with a picture book as many stories are based on these values. The program stimulates discussion and includes e-activities on the interactive white board, drama, songs, poetry, circle time, games, black line masters and team cooperative activities. These activities will guide students with useful strategies.

The values include:

  • It is important to be honest
  • It is important to be fair with activities and not cheat
  • It is important to be responsible
  • It is important to care about and support others and be kind. It is important to support people we do not know in the playground
  • It is important to show kindness to animals
  • It is important to cooperate. Team cooperative activities will help us with this
  • It is OK to be different. We can think differently.
  • It is important to include others
  • It is important to be friendly
  • Did you know smiling is contagious?
  • It is important to show respect to others
  • It is important to respect yourself