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Band News - Term 4, Week 4

Rehearsals are back in full swing and the bands are sounding really great! Towards the end of the rehearsals when the K-2 students are out playing in the playground, the bands have a fabulous pop-up audience as the younger students clap and sing along to familiar tunes, much to the delight of the students in the bands.


Students are playing A Festive Fanfare, Eye of the Tiger and the new piece, A Minor Journey along with the favourite Stadium Rock.

A special thanks to Lily G, Amelia A, Keira C, Jeffrey N and Violet K for supporting the Beginner Band students in rehearsal this week and for all their help during rehearsals.

The Beginner Band Player of the Week was awarded to Grace B (alto saxophone). Well done Grace!

The Beginner Band Musician of the Week was awarded to Coco D (alto saxophone). Congratulations Coco!


Junior Band repertoire includes Eye of the Tiger, Sesame Street, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, A Minor Journey and YMCA.

The Junior Band Musician of the Week was awarded to Ivy S (trombone). Congratulations Ivy!


Pieces Intermediate Band are playing at present include Sesame Street, From the Realms of Glory, Mamma Mia, YMCA, and A Minor Journey.

The Intermediate Band Musician of the Week was awarded to Oliver J (bass guitar). Congratulations Oliver!


Concert Band is preparing to embark on Band Tour later this term. Tour repertoire includes: Mission Impossible; Frozen Medley; Pokémon; March of the Tin Soldiers; Jingle Bell Rock; WPS Burns Road March; Kelvin Grove; Mamma Mia.

The Concert Band Musician of the Week was awarded to Lily G (clarinet). Congratulations Lily!


Stage Band is in full swing! Students should focus their Stage Band practice towards the following repertoire: Earth, Wind and Fire Dance Mix; The Way You Look Tonight; and The Mr Carger Blues.

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Musicians of the Week Lily, Coco and Oliver