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Band News - Term 3, Week 5

BAND NEWS – Term 3, Week 5

If there is a positive to come out of this year for students involved in the Band Program, it is teaching students tenacity, flexibility and resilience.

We were really sorry to learn about the updated Government guidelines that required rehearsals and recorder groups to cease for the remainder of Term 3. We understand that these guidelines will be reviewed for Term 4 and hope that rehearsals may be able to recommence then. In the meantime, the focus for Concert, Intermediate and Junior Band will be the Virtual Band Project. Thank you to those students who have already submitted their recordings – they are wonderful!

As individual tutorials are able to continue, students are able to record their piece/s during their tutorials with the guidance of their tutor. School iPads will be made available – students will just need to bring their own earphones with them. A permission note will be emailed home to parents who wish their child to record their piece/s during their tutorials.


We will re-email the guide tracks home to parents and they are also on Google Classroom for the students to access. Junior Band is recording A Minor Journey; Intermediate Band – WPS Burns Road March and A Minor Journey; and Concert Band – Kelvin Grove, Burns Road March and A Minor Journey. Concert and Intermediate Band students are also invited to record A Minor Journey. Students may upload their recorded part to their respective Google Classroom page.

Click here for instructions on how to upload recordings to Google Classroom for the Virtual Band Project.


Stage Band will revert to online tutorials for the remainder of Term 3. Please access these through Google Classroom.


Recorder tutorials will resume online for the remainder of the term via Google Classroom. Please do not hesitate to contact Kate Spencer or Kylie Lee in the Burns Road Band Room on the below details should you have any queries on how to access these tutorials.


P:  9489 3086               E: kate.spencer14@det.nsw.edu.au