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Band News - Term 2, Week 2

Thanks to all students, tutors and parents for your collective efforts during this time of online learning. It is great to hear stories about positive student engagement during online tutorials and terrific progress being made.
Many of the individual instrument recordings for the band pieces are now available as learning resources on the various Google Classroom pages. The remainder will be updated within the next week. Please remember to thank the tutors for all their efforts in creating these valuable teaching aids!
Auditions will be offered to some students later this term who show consistent practise ethic and improvement, are respectful to their tutors, conductors and peers during rehearsals (Term 1) and in tutorials, and are musically ready for the next step. One of the audition criteria for Junior to Intermediate Band will be to play the 'test piece' Do-Re-Mi (the combined Junior / Intermediate Band piece), and for Intermediate to Concert Band, the 'test piece’ will be Mamma Mia. So keep practising, learn your scales, and prepare a piece of your own choice. More details to come soon.
Recorder Tutorials are now available online. Two tutorials round 15 minutes in duration are posted for each week. Students may watch the tutorials at any time and as many times they wish. There are tutorials for the Beginner Recorder Group and Advanced Recorder Group, and these can be accessed through the Google Classroom pages for the two Recorder Groups.
Thank you to everyone for their support, and to the students, happy practising this week! Please do not hesitate to contact Kate Spencer or Kylie Lee in the Burns Road Band Room on the below details should you have any queries. 
P:  9489 3086               E: kate.spencer14@det.nsw.edu.au