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Band News - Term 1, Week 10

BAND NEWS – Term 1 Week 10

“We rise by lifting others” – Robert Ingersoll

Students in the Wahroonga Public School Band Program have continued learning their instruments, made possible by online technology and the collaborative efforts of tutors and parents. Thank you to everyone for being so flexible and positive while we engage in learning in this different way. Thank you for the many constructive comments from parents, affirming their appreciation of music still being a part of their children’s lives, and to the tutors and conductors for all their hard work at this time. From one parent:

“This is great! Thank you for organising everyone! Gives us something to look forward to!”

It’s been a busy week with over 12 new pieces for the bands being photocopied and stamped ready for distribution to the students next week. Tutors will be recording every piece and each part on the various instruments, and these recordings will be uploaded to Google Classroom sites relevant to each band for reference and as a learning resource. Google Classroom for each band is in the process of being set up. Your child will receive an invitation to join, once the site is functional.

In the coming week, all students in the bands will receive in the post, their new music together with a special surprise activity pack. Would you please encourage your child/ren to put the music into their band folders (Beginner Band students, these are your first big full-page pieces of music and should go in the folders you received at the Beginner Band Instrument Handout Day) - and let your tutors know that the music has arrived when you see them at the next tutorial. Tutors will work on these new pieces with the students during the tutorials. Remember that you will also have the recordings of each piece to listen to, once they are available on Google Classroom.

Percussion students, thank you parents for advising us of what instruments you have at home. An email will be sent out early next week confirming pick-up of percussion instruments for students to continue learning, and pick up will be later next week from the band rooms.

Recorder students – tutorials will be available for you in Term 2 to continue with your learning. A series of short tutorials will soon be uploaded to a Google Classroom Recorder Page, and recorder students will be invited to join the group when the page is set up and ready to go. The tutorials will be numbered and will be available to watch at any time to suit families. Perhaps learning the recorder could become a family activity! All Recorder Students will also receive a package of music together with some fun musical activities to enjoy. Keep a look out in the letter box in the next week or so.

Thank you for your warm support and encouragement during this time, and let us continue to inspire and rise by lifting others through music.

Please do not hesitate to contact Kate Spencer or Kylie Lee in the Burns Road Band Room on the below details should you have any queries. 

P:  9489 3086               E: kate.spencer14@det.nsw.edu.au

It's been a busy week with 12 new pieces ready for distribution to our band members.

Look who sits outside the Band Room waiting to hear some music!