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Students Work5

4T have been reading and writing spooky or suspenseful stories.  We watched a short film called "Alma" then used our knowledge of suspenseful and descriptive writing to create stories based on the film.  Some students have recounted the events of the film with descriptions, some have extended the story, while other students have used the film as a stimulus to write an entirely different story.

To enjoy reading our stories, simply click on this online bookshelf:  

Bookshelf linking to Flipsnack

After you've read some stories, maybe you could watch the film.


A poem based on ‘The Story of Rosy Dock'

Further than the eye can see,

Rosy Dock's red seed pods alive with colour,

The birds chirping away in the tree,

The nest swaying in the wind,

Waiting for the birds to come,

A hungry meow comes from the cat,

Sitting on the doorstep of the rusty house,

Scorching hot sand is impossible to step on,

Abandoned desert of Australia.


By Jordan R of Year 4


A poem based on ‘The Story of Rosy Dock'

Further than the eye can see,

Rosy dock is spreading across the mini mountains,

See the sand sliding down the slippery mountains slowly finding its way down the hill,

Listen for the tiny birds screeching at the tip of the trees,

Hear the echoing of the cats meowing and punching holes in the ground when its running,

Touch the stone hard swelling sand,

Feel soft rosy dock petals that feel like soft fluff,

Smell the sweet rosy dock floating in the sky.


By Michael G of Year 4